Victoria Turner is a Sussex based ceramicist who creates beautiful hand crafted porcelain ceramics. She has been a practising ceramicist for over 16 years exhibiting across the UK. 

Victoria designs and makes porcelain ceramics that are unique, beautiful and made to be cherished. Bringing together her passion for vintage and handmade Victoria combines the old and new perfectly. She looks to the past for inspiration but to the future for new production techniques, creating simple, contemporary products. Victoria uses the intrinsic qualities of porcelain-luminosity, smoothness and fragility to emphasise the materials precious qualities. All her pieces are created to compliment one another.



From Victoria is the creation of Victoria Turner. A lifetime ambition to have her own shop & studio came about 3 yeasr ago and From Victoria was created, offering a unique shopping experience. Based in the picturesque village of Lewes, 10 minutes drive from Brighton in East Sussex.

Everything that you find in From Victoria has been thoughtfully chosen to be a part of the shop by Victoria. Her love of succulent plants, unique collection of vintage pieces and artists & makers work, combines her passion for old and new. Focusing on quality, handmade goods Victoria chooses pieces that reflect her individual style and aesthetic in the shop and works hard to bring in the best work by talented artisans from around the globe to bring you a thoughtful and unique shopping experience.